NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Will Change NBA Playoff Format To Best Overall 1-16 Teams & Scrap East/West! He’s A Genius!

 In the last several years, the NBA has continued to make many alterations to the rules to be better provide a more entertaining product on the court.

According to Nick Friedell of ESPN, commissioner Adam Silver has stated that the NBA will continue to consider possible changes to the playoff format.Adam Silver says the league will continue “examining” the schedule, including the possibility of re-seeding teams 1-16 in the postseason, regardless of conference.

There has been increasingly louder talk about this being the next step that the NBA will take in the coming years. Several players have come in support of this idea that includes Dwyane Wade voicing that he believes it will eventually happen over the next few years.

However, there do remain questions about the possible logistic issues that could arise from the extensive travel that some teams may have to take. This may likely play a factor in the decision-making process by the league because how it could affect the product on the court in the playoffs.

The fact that Silver has publicly stated that the NBA is looking further into the scenario shows that this may become a prominent topic discussion moving forward as early as next offseason.

By Bob Garcia IV