Mia Khalifa & Gilbert Arenas To Host New Sports TV Show “Out Of Bounds” On Complex! This Will Be Epic!

Things got quite interesting on social media on Monday afternoon after former Washington Wizards star point guard Gilbert Arenas put former adult film actress Mia Khalifa on blast for trying to repeatedly reach out to him on Instagram over the last several months.

However, it now appears that all of that was a publicity stunt by the two in order to draw attention to their upcoming daily show entitled “Out of Bounds” that will be aired on Complex.

The two over the last couple of years have built strong reputations for their often off-the-wall actions on social media that have helped them garner large followings.

Since Arenas last played in the NBA, he has been a constant on the likes of Instagram and Snapchat with various dealings that have caught much attention for his opinion on topics concerning professional sports.

Meanwhile, Khalifa has shown an ability to gather up huge reactions online from time to time through her presence on social media. In the process, she has become a prominent public figure that has remained in tune with the current events across the internet.

Ultimately, this pairing could make for a quite an entertaining show that with their unpredictability and unfiltered banter.

By Bob Garcia IV