LaVar Ball & The Ball Family’s New “Mega Mansion” In Chino Hills, CA! LaVar Gives The Exclusive Grand Tour! Watch Here!

LaVar Ball is everywhere. Seriously. One minute, he’s trash-talking the entire NBA on behalf of Lonzo Ball; the next minute he’s crashing Stephen A. Smith’s post-game hit on ESPN. The man knows where to find the cameras.

The most recent development in LaVar’s busy life is the purchase of a new home for the Big Baller Brand. According to LaVar, his old 3,000 square foot house just wasn’t cutting it, and it sounds like a few too many Big Baller fans found out the address to his old house, so he needed a bigger place, with a lot of land and, most important, a gate to keep everyone else out.

The new Big Baller Brand house is 16,000 square feet, with LaVar claiming that it is both the biggest and best house within an 80-mile radius of Chino Hills. You know, it’s easy to give LaVar a hard time for his antics, but it’s hard to argue against his hustle after a purchase like this. The LaVar Ball strategy works.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, ESPN landed an exclusive Cribs-style house tour, which you can watch below. If you’re wondering why all the lights are off like I was, apparently the lighting system is not fully installed yet.

In the interest of fact-checking, a very unscientific Zillow search for available houses in the Chino Hills area based on square footage showed that Ball’s new 16,000 square foot home blows everything else on the market out of the water.

Of course, LaVar Ball pulled LaMelo out of Chino Hills High School in September and announced that he’d be homeschooling Melo for his final two years of high school. So, it’s not just a house. It’s a sports and education incubator for future pro athletes and entrepreneurs.

By Tony Xypteras